Student Colleagues in Petrozavodsk


  Vladimir Iakovchuk
  Master's Degree Student
  Institute of History, Political
  and Social Science
  Petrozavodsk State University

I'm a student of the Institute of history, political and social science of Petrozavodsk State University. I study social work in the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Now I am a third year student. This year I do the scientific work which is called "A role of the specialist in social work in socialization of teenagers". Last year I studied youth subcultures.

Research interests: social work with children, teenagers and youth.

Every year I speak at scientifically student's conferences. My some works were partially published. In 2014 theses of work "Asocial behavior of youth subcultures" was published.

In February, 2015 I did practical training in City government of Petrozavodsk in Management of youth policy. I studied work with young people at the level of city policy.

In 2016 I will write my thesis on the subject "Work with youth at the level of municipal authority in Petrozavodsk". I want to show the importance of social work for younger generations: children, teenagers (especially) and youth. In the future I plan to work with young people and children.