Partners in Petrozavodsk


  Vera Meshko -
  Мешко Вера
  Projects Сoordinator
  Swedish-Karelian Business
  and Information Centre
  External Relations Officer
  Petrozavodsk City Administrationt

Vera graduated Petrozavodsk State University in 1999, with a major in Scandianvian history. She speaks English and some Finnish languages. From 2003 until 2015 she was employed at the International unit of Petrozavodk's City Administration. She was responsible for developing various sister-city projects and devoted much of her time to international project work with partners mostly from Finand and some other European countries.

Currently she works at the Swedish-Karelian Business and Information center, where she intends to continue initiating and implementing different kinds of joint initiatives. She is mostly interested in promoting cooperation projects in such areas as territorial development, care for the environment, spatial planning, business, as well as any other areas, which create opportunities for people to learn more about other places and countries, to find out about different ways of looking at familiar things. She has been involved into exchanges with Duluth since 2005, when Duluthians donated funds for equipping the playground for disabled children at Rodnik rehabilitation center in Petrozavodsk. She hopes to be able to contribute to further development of cooperation in the sphere of social care between the two cities.

She is a wonderful person to work with and a valualbe member of this project.