Partners in Petrozavodsk


  Larissa Boychenko -
  Бойченко Лариса
  Assistant Professor at the
  Russian Law Academy, and at
  Petrozavodsk State University
  Law School

2009-2011 – Diploma magna cum laudae from the Russian Law Academy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice, Moscow city;
2001-2003 – PhD, Ivanovo State University, Ivanovo city;
1989-1993 – PhD History, Russian State University for the Humanities;
1973-1979 – The Moscow State Institute for History and Archives, History Faculty, archivist.

2007 – to present: Assistant Professor at the State Legal Disciplines Faculty at the Russian Law Academy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice, Northern branch, Petrozavodsk city;
1996 – to present: Assistant Professor at the Petrozavodsk State University Law School;
1986-1995 – General Archives Department at the Council of Ministers of Karelia.

Honorary titles and awards:
2009 – Ministry of Interior of Russia medal "MoI Russia – 200 years";
2006 – Petrozavodsk city Honorary Diploma "For significant personal contribution to civil society institutes development and enhancement, active implementation of the gender equality policies in all the spheres of Karelian capital life";
2006 – Republic of Karelia Honorary Diploma "For the service to the Republic and longstanding bona fide work";
2006 – Veteran of Work Honor from the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Republic of Karelia
; 2005 – Diploma of the National Education Development Foundation "For the best publication";
2001 – Laureate of the Republic of Karelia nomination "For the significant contribution to the development and implementation of the "Women of Karelia" Program, and active dissemination of women's non-profit organizations experience"
1999 – Petrozavodsk city Mayor Award for implementation of Women's Rights Protection Program;
1998 – Joined the "100 best Petrozavodsk city people" honorary list.

Publications: Over 130 publications on human rights, prevention of modern day slavery, gender studies, NGOs activity and other topics, published in Russian, English, German, Finnish, Latvian, Ukrainian languages.
The World Trade Organization and the market of legal services in Russia. Demand and supply of the labor and educational markets in the Russian regions. Ninth All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference, Petrozavodsk city, 2012;
Experience of cooperation between the state and society on migration questions on the example of the Public-Consultative Council of the Federal Migration Service of the Republic of Karelia. Socio-cultural integration of migrants and multicultural relations development. The experience of the Republic of Karelia. Petrozavodsk, 2012, in co-authorship;
Gender Violence in Russia and other countries of the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR): possibilities for prevention. Petrozavodsk, 2007;
Gender Violence: causes and consequences. Petrozavodsk, 2005;
Issues of violence and trafficking in persons: origins and prevention. Petrozavodsk, 2004;

Community Service:
2011 – to present: Chairperson of the Public Council of the Republic of Karelia Interior Ministry; member of the Public Council of the Republic of Karelia Ministry of Justice; Chairperson of the Public Council of the Republic of Karelia Federal Migration Service;
2003-2006 – founder of the shelter for human trafficking survivors, "Safe House" project;
1998 – to present: patronage over the Petrozavodsk city crisis center for domestic violence survivors (created in the framework of the joint project with Duluth City, Minnesota, USA colleagues);
1995 – to present: Chairperson of the NGO "Karelian Center for Gender Studies";
1998 – to present: Chairperson of the Karelian regional branch of the All-Russian Public Movement "Women of Russia".

Participation in major conferences:
2014 – Baltic Sea states NGO Forum (Turku, Finland);
2013 – Civil G20 (Moscow, Russia);
2010 – International conference "Modern day slavery prevention: new threats and challenges, joint activities of governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations" (Minsk, Belarus);
2000 – International conference on trafficking in persons prevention (Washington, DC, USA);
1998 – International conference on domestic violence prevention (Duluth, MN, USA);
1995 – The Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women: Action for Equality, Development and Peace (Beijing, China).