Student Colleagues in Petrozavodsk


  Iuliia Provotorova
  Institute of History, Political
  and Social Science
  Petrozavodsk State University

I am a student of the Institution of history, political and social science at Petrozavodsk State University. I am studying social work at the Department of Sociology and Social Work.

This year I have chosen socialization of young people in the social communities as a topic of my term paper. I am interested in the problems of youngsters because I think that it is one of the most important age for the social work.

At our department we have a genealogic club in which we have so many interesting meetings where we can easily get much new useful information about the family and I hope that it will be very helpful for my further studies at the University. I should admit that I am the chairman of this community. Besides of studying I take part in the different volunteers programs. I was a volunteer at the Universiade in Kazan in 2013. In March of this year I was volunteering at the Biathlon World Championship in Kontiolahti, Finland.

I think that it is a great opportunity for me to get much important information about the system of social work in the USA. I hope that for me this knowledge will be undoubtedly helpful for my future career.