Partners in Duluth


  Ed Heisler
  Executive Director,
  Men As Peacemakers
  Minnesota Men's Action
  Alliance to Prevent Sexual
  and Domestic Violence

Ed Heisler has extensive experience in developing violence and sexual violence prevention programming and mobilizing and engaging men to reduce the violence and exploitation of women and girls. He accepted his current position in 2012, and has since developed and expanded Men As Peacemakers (MAP)in Duluth, MN, receiving local and statewide recognition, including multiple recent awards for MAP's innovative programming.

A sought-after speaker and trainer, Ed's unique background in peacemaking and primary prevention stems from his work as Community Education Coordinator with Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women in Duluth, MN, as a former Prevention Specialist and current Co-Coordinator of the Minnesota Men's Action Network: Alliance to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence (MN-MAN), and as a National Resource Trainer for A Call To Men.

Additionally, Ed specializes in gender and racial equality, engaging men alongside women, in developing and implementing innovative community-driven violence prevention strategies. His current highlights include the creation and development of the innovative BEST Party Model to prevent sexual violence in the college environment. Through BEST, he worked with college students to create a peer education program focused on helping students build social environments that provide safety, equality, and respect for women. Ed is also working with students and community members to develop a replicable BEST Bar Model focused on prevention of sexual violence through the shaping of the bar/club environment. Utilizing the Spectrum of Prevention, a public health framework, Ed has also created a process for embedding sexual and domestic violence prevention into athletic organizations.

Ed serves on a numbers of local and statewide taskforces, advisory committees, and steering committees related to restorative justice, youth programming, and the prevention of violence against women and children—including trafficking. His published research culminates around men's involvement in efforts to prevent violence against women and children, including an article entitled "Male Commitment to Gender Equity and Antiviolence: A National College Study" published in Men's Lives, 9th edition. In addition to leadership at Men As Peacemakers, Ed is a Men's Non-Violence Class Facilitator at the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project and coordinates an anti-human trafficking men's group, Men Against Sex Trafficking (MAST) , that is engaging men in ending the demand for exploited and trafficked women and children.