Student Colleagues in Petrozavodsk


  Anna Shchetinina
  Russian Academy of Law
  Specialization in Civil Law
  and Medical Law

Anna is a senior student of Russian Academy of Law (Northern Branch). She is completing her law degree, with specializations in civil law and medical law. She is writing her graduation thesis topic on Executive Responsibility for the Provision of Health Services. She is studying medical care as her second major in the Base Medical College of Petrozavodsk.

In 2011-2012 she got a chance to study in Shawnee State University, Portsmouth, OH as the finalist of the Global UGRAD Exchange program.

Research Interests: the primordial quality of medical services, responsibility for infliction of health injuries, domestic violence prevention, legal and medical assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Work Experience:
2009 - currently - volunteer at NGO «Karelian Center for Gender Studies», Petrozavodsk, Russia
January - April 2012 - trainee in the «George Davis & Co» attorney`s office, Portsmouth, OH, USA
2014 - currently - assistant to the chairman of the Public Chamber of the Karelian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petrozavodsk, Russia

During her education she completed internships in the City Court of Petrozavodsk, Department of Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, the legal department of the Republican Hospital, etc. She has some experience working as a nurse in the War Veterans Hospital of Petrozavodsk, City Hospital and Oncology Center of the Karelian Republic which contributed to her special interest in direct and first-hand medical assistance.