Student Colleagues in Petrozavodsk


  Anastasia Prokofeva
  Institute of History, Political
  and Social Science
  Petrozavodsk State University

I am a third year student of the Petrozavodsk State University. My major is Social Work, and the title of my thesis is Quality Time: Preventing Teen Deviancies. During previous years I also did researches on volunteer activity and social work with juveniles.

Areas of scientific interest: social work with children and teenagers (prevention of deviancies, social adaptation, raising etc.). My understanding is that these themes are highly relevant nowadays in our country and other countries as well.

Last year I participated in an annual university student conference with a presentation of a research titled Tagging in schools as a major cause of deviancies. For this work, I was awarded a second grade diploma. The text of the presentation was partially published in the anthology of student scientific projects for 2014. Additionally, every year the university sends us to internship in institutions of social and educational services. My first internships was at the social centre Istoki, where I worked in such spheres as assistance in extreme situations, assistance to victims of home aggression and daily care for the elderly people. During my second internship, I served as a social consultant in a secondary school. This year I worked at the Commission on the juvenile cases and the defense of the rights of the juveniles.

In 2016 I present my final Bachelor thesis. As for the future, I intend to receive another degree in psychology.

Beth Olson
Executive Director
First Witness Child Advocacy Center
4 W. 5th Street
Duluth, MN 55806

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