Partners in Petrozavodsk


  Alexandra Smirnova
  Department of Foreign History,
  Political Science and
  International Relations
  Petrozavodsk State University
  and Barents Peace Education
  Network Coordinator

Alexandra Smirnova is currently a lecturer at the Department of Foreign History, Political Science and International Relations at Petrozavodsk State University, specializing in the field of International Relations. Her academic interests include peace research and societal security, consisting of both theoretical and practical dimensions, which include peace education and inter-personal conflict transformation. Her other research interests lie in theories of international relations and theories of diplomacy.

She is also employed at the Institute of International Programs of PetrSU, as well as being the coordinator for the Russian-Norwegian project Barents Peace Education Network. This project aims at creating a sustainable network between universities in the Barents region with the purpose promoting peace education, conflict resolution practices and cross-border knowledge exchange. She gained experience working as a volunteer interpreter of the Charity Fund to "Children of Karelia" and assistant coordinator in the exchange projects of the Fund. The most prominent projects involved the exchange the children of Russian slain policemen and firefighters and their American hosts in 2005 and also took part in the students of the Karelian Cadet Corps in the Massachusetts State Police Academy Student Trooper Program in 2013.

Her motivation for participation in this project stems from her academic interests, her work as a coordinator of a project of a similar nature as well as her desire to improve her knowledge in the areas of focus in social work and to participate in of grass-roots diplomacy.